09 December 2006

Thursday December7th was my birthday!

It all started when I woke early in the morning, eagerly awaiting early phone calls, from friends trying to be the first ones to congratulate me. However, mysteriously I had not recieved a single phone call by 7:30am. So I took the phone and tried to dial to see if I had left it unhooked. And no, it was not unhooked. It had been suspended! I had forgot to pay the phone!
So I quickly got dressed up, grabbed my car and speedily went to pay the phone bill. Or so I thought. I got caught in a huge traffic jam. I could only advance about 200m in an hour. Fortunately, I could eventually escape the traffic, and promptly went to pay the phone. After that I hurried back home. If you are wondering, I lost my cellphone, so nobody could locate me that way...
So anyway, as soon as I returned, the phone calls started rolling in. So did the ecards I recieved by email. I was quite lucky, I got congratulated by lots of friends and family. Some even sang me a birthday song!
But the best was yet to come. I organized a small gathering at my mum's place, it is quite bigger than the house I am living in, even when I am all by myself there. I got and bought my own presents (two figures of Saint Seiya bronze knights). I also bought a copy of Dante's Inferno, illustrated by Gustavo Dore, which I gave my little brother as present, with whom I also share the same birthday, even when we were born 11 years apart. I managed to by a very good looking and extremely tasty chocolate cake, ate a double whopper at burger king (it is my birthday after all), and went to my mum's place to treat myself to a well earned siesta while the guests arrived.
I told everybody that the gathering began at 7pm, although only one person in fact arrived at that precise time. Gisela was the only punctual friend. Well, I cannot really blame anybody, lots of my friends have to get home from work, tidy up a bit, and then come to the party. Most of them in fact started arriving after 8pm.
I believe the party was a roaring success. While not everybody I hoped for could make it, more people than I actually anticipated did come. I had a friend coming that had not made it to my birthday for 10 years!
Soon there were not enoughs seats for everybody, I had in fact to sit on the edge of a table for a little while. A good friend of mine, Angelica, organized the food and beverage logistics, and she was in fact quite good at that. There was red wine (a very good mexican wine, highly recommended), apple cyder, and of course soft drinks. Then there was three huge pizzas, absolutely delicious stuff. The birthday cake, and gelatin. I really must thank all my friends that made it to the party, I had a wonderful time with all of them.
There were not enough plates to serve the pizzas or the cake, so some guests had to make to with napkins.
When the birthday party was over, we went to a karaoke bar to continue the celebration. There I got the pleasant surprise to meet even more friends, mainly those that didn't make it because they got out of work too late to arrive earlier.
It was all over at 3am. It really was a wonderful birthday.
To all you friends of mine, I thank you all, I really had a blast.

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Anonymous said...

me da gusto que despues de todo, hayas disfrutado mucho tu cumple, eres una persona muy linda, y te deseo todo lo mejor , en verdad doy gracias por haber conocido a alguien tan especial como tu.