25 January 2007

House in Puebla, Mexico, update

This is (I hope!) the final version. What changed mostly was the garage is a bit bigger, as well as the main bedroom (rightmost part on the ground floor). Oh and the arched windows in the top floor. I like it with square windows, but clients are clients...

22 January 2007

Hotel, as seen from the opposing corner

Here is the current state of the hotel facade's design after some corrections based on the client's requirements. At the bottom right you can see a glimpse of the French restaurant, where the facade has also suffered some modifications.
Modeled mostly in Shade, some parts in Silo. Rendered in Shade.

15 January 2007

The restaurant render in cgtalk

Just in case anybody is interested, I posted the restaurant render in the cgtalk (cgsociety) discussion forum.
The link is here

Low income houses for Zacapoaxtla, Mexico, update

A subtly modified version, with a small tiled roof in the front and some changes in the colour schemes.

restaurant, closeup view, update

Rendering this piece got more complicated than what I had anticipated. In the end, I rendered it in Callisto using a combination of photon mapping with pathtracing, as pathtracing or photon mapping alone gave me unacceptable results. Postwork in Gimp

11 January 2007

restaurant, closeup view

I am now tackling the interior of the restaurant. I can feel the pressure, designing as well as modeling and lighting, texturing, etc etc, all at the same time. However, I am quite happy as how it is coming along. Hopefully I will have a render ready by tomorrow morning.
Pretty much everything was modeled in Shade, with the broad and generic templates imported from the original cad drawing as a dxf file.
This time I am going for a night scene, with a view of how the restaurant would greet the user when approaching it from the outside.
I suppressed human scales in an effort to speed up the render a little bit.

05 January 2007

House in Puebla, Mexico, contemporary version

I am working on two possible versions of a house, which basically share the same layout, but differ in the general "mood", so as to give the clients an opportunity to decide which design is best for them.
Here is the more modern version.

03 January 2007

French Restaurant, continued

I don't seem to be able to post two pictures in the same post, so here goes the other image...
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Building renovation, French restaurant

I am currently involved in a small project with a good friend of mine, it concerns the renovation of the facades of a building which will function as a hotel. My intervention came when most of the building was already finished. What is really taking my free time is the French restaurant for the hotel, which will be located in the basement. The name of the restaurant is really a placeholder name right now, and there is lots of work to do on the interior. The budget is limited, but I feel there is a lot of potential for this design.

I took several photographs and corrected their perspective in the Gimp, and that, with the physical measurements of the building, allowed me to have a rough representation of the facades, over which I superimposed the mouldings, the parasols, and of course, the intervention necessary for the restaurant.

Modeled in Silo 1.4 and Shade pro, rendered in Shade pro. Uvmapped in unwrap3d.