26 February 2013

e frontier interview, in Japanese!

I cannot by any chance understand what it says, but it also has a link to the English version.
I like the Japanese one better, it has that cool factor :)


25 February 2013

Chaise lounge

With a wireframe overlay.
Modeled and UV-ed in Silo
Normal maps in shadermap pro
Rendered in Shade13

Chaise Lounge

Chaise Lounge designed by Le Courbusier.
Modeled in Silo.
Rendered in Shade 13.

Chaise Lounge, design by Le Corbusier.
Modeled in Silo.

11 November 2012

Pair of houses for sale in Querétaro, México

Thanks to a recent get-together reunion with my fellow ex-classmates in my alma mater, my good friend José Luis González got in touch with me to help him convince his clients on this project. Modeled mostly in Revit, human figure is from iClone (imported in Shade thanks to 3dxchange pro).
Rendered in Shade.

31 October 2012

Office interior

Running on an impossibly short deadline (less than a day), this is part of an office interior where the client needed several renders. The furniture comes from Herman Miller, with some tweaking on the meshes and materials.
Rendered in Shade.