27 May 2007

Inspirational image, "lost", Poser version

I did some thigh-strapped swords, and decided this time around to render in Poser7, as I in fact pose my characters in Poser, less guesswork involved.

25 May 2007

Inspirational image, "lost"

Just something I fancied out in my free time. It is also a work in progress on a character set I'm working on for the Terai Yuki2 figure for Poser. I like the overall redness of the image.

19 May 2007

Restaurant facade in Puebla, Mexico

This is yet another revision on the restaurant, hopefully nearer to the clients needs!
Modelled in Shade (except for the palm trees, they are tweaked Vue5infinite palmtrees).
Also rendered in Shade.

09 May 2007

photomontage on proposed restaurant in Puebla, Mexico

This is in fact the second version of the restaurant. Really not much to work on, no working drawings, only photo references and some quick sketches. But for a day's work, I think it is quite convincing.
Modelled and rendered in Shade pro, with a bit of help from Silo2beta.