30 April 2007

Ita, Andrea, Juan

A really beautiful photograph showing us three in the really enchanting garden in the house of some relatives. As you can see, we are all quite happy.

18 April 2007

Trip to Valle de Bravo, Mexico

I know, this trip was done some time ago, but I have just found some spare time to upload some pictures. The ravishingly beautiful girl in the image is my girlfriend, with her daughter, which is a very sweet child, especially for her age.

13 April 2007

Weekend retreat residence in Atlixco, Puebla, another view

Another view of the same house...

Row of houses in Morillotla, Puebla

Just as the title says, a row of houses. Some contemporary undertones get blended with the more traditional massive structures reminiscent of prehispanic architecture result in a contemporary solution that is modern and at the same time, discreet.

12 April 2007

Free natural stone textures!

If I see interest in these, I'll upload more. Enjoy!

Weekend retreat residence in Atlixco, Puebla

Atlixco is a small city near Puebla, Mexico, with a very agreeable climate, where wealthy people from Puebla have weekend retreat homes. This is a project for precisely one of this homes.

Modelled and rendered in Shade.