11 November 2012

Pair of houses for sale in Querétaro, México

Thanks to a recent get-together reunion with my fellow ex-classmates in my alma mater, my good friend José Luis González got in touch with me to help him convince his clients on this project. Modeled mostly in Revit, human figure is from iClone (imported in Shade thanks to 3dxchange pro).
Rendered in Shade.

31 October 2012

Office interior

Running on an impossibly short deadline (less than a day), this is part of an office interior where the client needed several renders. The furniture comes from Herman Miller, with some tweaking on the meshes and materials.
Rendered in Shade.

26 October 2012

Ranch near Cuyuaco, Puebla

With the pine forest some 100m away, this Ranch that predates the Mexican Revolution was a sight to behold.

Amazon Warrior for Miki4, work in progress

Working on an Amazon Warrior outfit for Miki4. Still time for major revisions, but most of the modeling is done. Now for some sculpting in zbrush and 3dcoat.

19 October 2012

Tuscan-inspired verandah

The main challenge was to convey the sense of the verandah on the very short space provided. The second challenge was the illumination, as not enough light leaked in between the high walls, the packed space, and the vines. In the end, the compromise of a wide aperture lens and the lighting gave a good result.
Rendered in Shade. BTW, having a linear colour workflow in Shade is a blast.

29 September 2012

Entrance to a modern building

Rendered in Shade, done some postworks with the help of multi channel rendeing.

21 September 2012

House in Puebla, Mexico. For my return to the wonderful world of blogging, I am posting the back facade of a house in Puebla, Mexico. The design is from my good friend Sergio Gonzalez. Rendered in Shade.