28 November 2007

26 November 2007

Pirate in the fog

This is a novel take on a character I am developing for Near-me by e-frontier.(or is it by Smith Micro now).
The blouse as of right now, is a dynamic clothing, the trousers and boots are conforming clothes. The eye patch and the sword are smart props.
Rendered in Poser7, saved using the multipass script and composited and postworked in the Gimp.
The mesh geometry was done in Silo2.

23 November 2007

elven character for Terai Yuki2, WIP

Just as the title says. Althogh, maybe I'll throw in a falchion and a captain's hat, she could be a nice pirate too...

I'm using a novel approach using curved surfaces in Shade, using them as a low polygon mesh, to later detail in Silo. Unwrapped in unwrap3d, and the cloth simulation is courtesy of Poser7.

No render... yet.

I also did an elven staff in Silo2, and a cloak I did in Shade... which I'm not showing until the next wip hehehe

garage renovation

A simple render highlighting the renovation of a garage. The existing architecture is all white and somewhat simplified to give contrast between the old and the new.

Modelled and rendered using Shade pro. Background rendered in Vue5 infinite. The brik thingy was uvmapped in Silo2. The props are not mine in case anybody wonders...

12 November 2007

Near me is an Amazon Warrior, now on sale!


After quite a while, doodling in Shade, Silo, unwrap3d, zbrush, 3d-brush, the Gimp, and what-not, it is ready!

I'm quite proud of it.

11 November 2007

Near-me as an Amazon Warrior, almost ready for prime time!

I crafted her a cudgel-spear-thingy for her yesterday, modelled and uvmapped it in Silo, textured in 3d-brush. Rendered in Poser7, postwork in the Gimp.

08 November 2007

Near-me as an Amazon Warrior WIP, yet another update

Here is a viewport screengrab, now with a legknife with its scabbard. This time around, the knife and scabbard were modelled and uvmapped in Silo2.05, and textured in 3d-brush 2.01
The screengrab is from Poser7.