16 November 2009

Monster w.i.p., test rendering in Poser

Still with no texture applied to mouth and eyes, and only a "fill-in" texture for the wing membrane...

30 October 2009

UVmapping done!

Finally, the UVs are done! And the retopologizing. And the etc etc. Now, texturing and rigging...

30 July 2009

Pixelwarrior, offical Poser 8 Content Provider!

Yep, you read right. Pixelwarrior (that's me) is providing a robot mecha as part of the content to be included with Poser 8.

I'm extremely proud my mecha got accepted to be included. I have learned a lot from the experience, and hope that all the time and dedication brought into it's creation shows.

So, here is a quickie render, rendered of course in Poser8. Only one distant light, btw.

The link to the official Poser 8 page is here.

23 June 2009

This is what I have so far in creating a scifi mega complex. I want halls, hangars, laboratories... certainly a lot of work!

29 May 2009

Shader's Cafe has a new home!

The previous administrator of the forum has passed control of the forum over to me. I hope I am up to the job of providing a home for the Shade community all over the world.

25 February 2009

Space Cadet Lin for Terai Yuki, now on sale!

She is supposed to look sort of 70-ish science fiction. Anyway, she is now on sale in Content Paradise, here

05 January 2009

Shade9 English released!!

Yay! After a long wait, Shade9 has been released in English!
You can read all about it here: http://shade.e-frontier.co.jp/en/shade9_eng-info/index.html