23 July 2008

mecha biped beasty W.I.P., yet another update

The concentration on the turning around is done. 11 different animated body parts in a single dial. It was a lot of work. But it's finally done.
Here is a link to a video showing it walk in circles.
http://juanmanuel3d.com/images/forums/walking promo4.mp4
And here it is in all it's youtbue glory...

21 July 2008

Clustr maps counting correctly, finally!

So I decided to find out why I had no visitors according to clustrmaps, and it turns out I had pasted some incorrect code!
Well, now it is working, and I like how the dots look on the world map :)

14 July 2008

update on mecha biped beasty

I don't like the resolution on the embedded video of the last post, so here's a link to two full resolution videos on the mecha walking.


But more importantly, I've managed to reduce the number of dials to animate a walk cycle to just two dials!

Here is a link to a flash video I did showing just how easy it will be to make the mecha walk.

12 July 2008

mecha biped beasty W.I.P., update

Here is a video showing a walk, to test how my rigging holds out. Still untextured, but fully uvmapped.

The diamond thingies are the cannon's aims, you move them around, and the cannons follow them. It allows for easier posing.

02 July 2008

Asian Empress for Terai Yuki, almost almost ready!

I did this last beauty render, and I just cannot feel her "evilness" any longer. So maybe I'll just rename her "Asian Empress" instead of "Evil Empress"