31 October 2006

Day of the dead

It is time to honor the dead. A tradition from precolumbian times, this is a very important day for the mexican people. A time of reflection, spirituality, and also of forgivenes.

That is why I share with you a link to some pictures I took of an offering I made several years ago for my grandparents, which I fondly remember.

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by manholoz

30 October 2006

Renderosity Halloween Contest 2006!

The theme is "wake the dead". I have not had that much time to play around in getting an image for the contest, but anyway, I am quite pleased with the result. As part of the contest rules is no showing the image anywhere on the internet until after the winners are announced, I provide you with the link so you can see it for yourself. I am not sure if you have to be a Renderosity member to in fact see the image, lets hope it is open to all! :D

The skeletons, mage and wolves are Poser figures imported into Shade. The dungeon ground, arches and vaults were made in Silo2 beta, the dungeon cripts in Shade8.5. Also done in Shade8.5 is the mage's cloak and staff, as well as the swords held by two of the skeletons (barely visible because of the mist, but still there). Rendered in Shade8.5 pro with Callisto, with FogPlus fog effector. Slightly tweaked the exposure in hdrshop, and very minor postwork in the Gimp. Mainly the "hand of power" effect and the enhancing of the creepy wolve's eyes.

I hope you like it

22 October 2006

Office interior by night WIP

Still lots of noise on the image, so I must let it render a bit more, but I think the general idea of the design is coming through quite nicely.

Front fachade of a contemporary mexican house.

This is seeming repetitive... I must think of an alternative title to contemporary mexican house, but that seems to be a recurring theme for the work I do...

Still, here it is in all it's glory

Illumination test on a night fachade

I wanted to do a test on the relationship of the luminaries and how they influenced the night fachade. I suppose I should have taken into account the illumination coming from the lamp post though...

20 October 2006

14 October 2006

school project

This is one of several views I made for the proposed building of a school. I like how Vue5infinite populates the characters :D

Yet another mexican contemporary house, garden view by night

This is the same view, but by night (duh). Hehehe

Yet another mexican contemporary house, garden view

This house IMHO has some hints at the postmodernism as suggested by Richard Meier, or maybe with traces before that, from Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe. Anyway, this is a view from the garden. Still is a work in progress, so you will probably see some modifications soon

Town fair in Atlixco, Puebla

Next weekend I went (again with this same friend) to the town fair in Atlixco, famous around here for the temperate climate, and for it's flower production. The main reason for going is that there was a group performing there, of which he is a huge fan, called Jeans. It was a nice trip, Atlixco is about half an hour's drive away, so we just went there, went to the fair, saw this group, and returned.

Trip to Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico

Some two weeks ago I went for a weekend trip to Cordoba, at the invitation of a friend, who is pushing his singing teacher to perform outside our hometown of Puebla. As I was really stressed out for all the work I had been doing, I agreed wholeheartedly to the endeavour.

Córdoba (Cordoba for those who cannot read the accent), is a city located about 1.5 hours from Puebla, in a privileged position, with abundant flora and fauna, of the subtropical highland type. Historically, it is a spanish settlement, with an informal rivalry with neighbouring Orizaba, which has traditionally been a more ethnic melting pot.

So anyway, I was supposed to accompany him to a party celebrating the baptism of the son of a friend, and we took along his teacher, who singed in the event. His teacher is a Cuban, and sings quite well, practically everything. He is also quite goodnatured, which helps alot when he is up on the stage.

I ended helping rig the sound stage, and even singing a bit after his performance was over. A very nice party, lots of nice people.

After that, to celebrate (huh? OK, we love to celebrate all those subtle aspects of life), we went at the invitation of some new Cordoban friends to the disco, which was in a restored colonial building, surprisingly respecting the original structure. So I danced the night away.

Nest day we went to neighbouring Orizaba to visit some friends there, and took the occassion to visit some famous landmarks there. As it was, it was nightfall when we started the trip home.