30 October 2006

Renderosity Halloween Contest 2006!

The theme is "wake the dead". I have not had that much time to play around in getting an image for the contest, but anyway, I am quite pleased with the result. As part of the contest rules is no showing the image anywhere on the internet until after the winners are announced, I provide you with the link so you can see it for yourself. I am not sure if you have to be a Renderosity member to in fact see the image, lets hope it is open to all! :D

The skeletons, mage and wolves are Poser figures imported into Shade. The dungeon ground, arches and vaults were made in Silo2 beta, the dungeon cripts in Shade8.5. Also done in Shade8.5 is the mage's cloak and staff, as well as the swords held by two of the skeletons (barely visible because of the mist, but still there). Rendered in Shade8.5 pro with Callisto, with FogPlus fog effector. Slightly tweaked the exposure in hdrshop, and very minor postwork in the Gimp. Mainly the "hand of power" effect and the enhancing of the creepy wolve's eyes.

I hope you like it

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