14 October 2006

Trip to Cordoba, Veracruz, Mexico

Some two weeks ago I went for a weekend trip to Cordoba, at the invitation of a friend, who is pushing his singing teacher to perform outside our hometown of Puebla. As I was really stressed out for all the work I had been doing, I agreed wholeheartedly to the endeavour.

Córdoba (Cordoba for those who cannot read the accent), is a city located about 1.5 hours from Puebla, in a privileged position, with abundant flora and fauna, of the subtropical highland type. Historically, it is a spanish settlement, with an informal rivalry with neighbouring Orizaba, which has traditionally been a more ethnic melting pot.

So anyway, I was supposed to accompany him to a party celebrating the baptism of the son of a friend, and we took along his teacher, who singed in the event. His teacher is a Cuban, and sings quite well, practically everything. He is also quite goodnatured, which helps alot when he is up on the stage.

I ended helping rig the sound stage, and even singing a bit after his performance was over. A very nice party, lots of nice people.

After that, to celebrate (huh? OK, we love to celebrate all those subtle aspects of life), we went at the invitation of some new Cordoban friends to the disco, which was in a restored colonial building, surprisingly respecting the original structure. So I danced the night away.

Nest day we went to neighbouring Orizaba to visit some friends there, and took the occassion to visit some famous landmarks there. As it was, it was nightfall when we started the trip home.

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