29 July 2006

Casa Fidel: Cuernavaca

This is the house as seen from the swimming pool. Still some tweaking to be done, but the overall shape is done

28 July 2006

End of month, end of competition

This end of month was becoming a bit worrying. Pay the rent, pay the phone, pay the everything! Then the challenge. Fortunately, I got some new commissions. First, the gym of the sports facilities is being detailed, so some exterior renders are needed. Then there is a house in Playa del Carmen, and another in Cuernavaca. And another one here in Puebla! All at the same time!

Obviously, this dashed my chances of finishing my submission for the love challenge. But work is work, I cannot complain. Not realistically, anyway.
As soon as I am done with some of the renders I will post them right here.

20 July 2006

deadline for challenge extended!

So maybe I will be able to finish on time. The deadline has been extended for a week. True, not that much time, but it does give me a breathing space! So I am reworking the topology of the knight's body. I know it will be covered with chainmail and cloth and all, but the draping will only be as good as the surface underneath...

18 July 2006

It has been a very emotional week

This last Friday the daughter of a very good friend of mine was born. And today, the grandmother of another very good friend of mine, Sergio, passed away. What a rollercoaster of an emotion!

This will severely limit my free time to dedicate on the theme: love challenge. I will do my best to finish, but this will certainly be the deathknell of my participation. snif.

Angel series6

Here is my most recent angel render. I mostly did it because I needed some distraction to gather energies for the final push on the theme: love challenge. All the clothing and weaponry and stuff I did in Silo and Shade, the wings and the female were done in Poser6. The rendering this time was in Shade8.5

Shade7LE free for cgsociety members!

Until august, cgsociety members can obtain Shade7LE for free. This is a nice opportunity to get a 3d program that excels in modelling with something similar to nurbs surfaces, called curved surfaces in Shade.

theme: love challenge at cgarena.com

I am a part of that challenge right now. I am a bit behind schedule, but anyway, here is my latest update picture on the challenge.

sports facility complex for petrol union

This is what I am currently working on. All the modelling is being done in Shade8.5 pro, and the rendering is done in Vue5 infinite.

17 July 2006

First blog post!

This being my first blog post, I thought I should introduce myself.

I am 34 years old, single, studied architecture at the university. I worked for some time as the head of the waterjet facility in a marble factory, but that was becoming a dead end job. So now I work as a freelance archviz illustrator. I have since university days done lots of architectural renders as a side job, and as a hobby, so now I am working on it almost full time.

This is me, btw...