28 October 2007

Near-me amazon Warrior WIP, update

Most time consuming this time was the sort of knot on the sandals. Modelled and uvmapped the sandals in Silo2, textured in Zbrush 3.1, rendered in Poser7.

beach esplanade delight, WIP

Modelled in Shade, uvmapped in Silo2, rendered in Shade.

I should have put some more weathering effects all around, but it is a work in progress. The conical thatched roof, I need to get rid of that visible seam. Still, I think it conveys the general idea...

20 October 2007

Near-me amazon Warrior WIP update

I did this the other day but did not upload it. New are the shoulder guards as well as the gauntlets. Used Silo2 and Zbrush for the modelling and texturing, rendered in Poser7

Bar and TV, as of this morning

I'm leaving the render on the background while I'm doing stuff (though I do turn it off to render other stuff), and this is how it looks as of this morning. I turned on the light panels for this image, but leaved the floor lights turned off.

19 October 2007

Small shopping centre in Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz

A "maquette" view of a proposal of a shopping centre (or to be exact, a row of shops) in Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz. Since the design still is in very early stages, I opted for an all white image, the volumetry of the project giving it "life"

Traced and extruded in Lightwave9.3, detailed in Silo2, uvmapped in unwrap3d, rendered in Shade. I know, lots of programs involved, but this being a relatively simple project, I was experimenting using alternate workflows.

16 October 2007

Bar and TV, rendering so far

Modelled in Shade, rendering in Maxwell. This is how the render looks so far. Behind the frosted glass panels are some light panels, as well as below the floor (which also is frosted glass). But I like this option a lot, reminds me of some film noir.