27 February 2007

House no. 16

I kind of like this house, probably because I had been doing lots of two storied houses, it is refreshing to do a single storied one for a change. Obviously the roof tiles dominate most of the view, so it was imperative that they be a good looking.
Modelled and rendered in Shade.

20 February 2007

Interior reflecting corridor, test render, refractive glass version

Virtually identical scene. I changed the shadows to be a bit more diffuse, tweaked the specularity of the glass, extruded it to a thickness of 10mm, added refraction.

Nice fishbowl effect, and now it is evident I needed more GI samples... but it is a nice scene anyway.

19 February 2007

Row of houses in Puebla, Mexico

Just as I anticipated, the design changed a little. It is still a preliminary design, so I suppose there will be more updates on how this goes.

I would have liked to play more with the cars and human scales etc, but the deadline was looming.

Human figures are Poser7 figures, all the rest is modeled in Shade. Rendered in Shade with Callisto, GI from a skylight.

Interior reflecting corridor, test render

This is a quickie mockup of a possible layout of some classrooms for a childcare facility. There was not much to work on but the concept, and the deadlines did not allow for much. As it is, I quite like the final result.

15 February 2007

Threshold of innocence

I got fed up with working all day and the flu and all, so I took a break and made this picture, which I hope you find pretty.
This is G2 Jessi and Minotaur2 from e-frontier, all posed and rendered in Poser7

Row of houses in Puebla, Mexico

Sorry for being absent so long. Lots of things have happened, the main thing is, I'm back!
This is a row of houses as the title says, with some variations in the facade so as to make a nicer complex in all.

The houses were completely modeled in Shade. The only thing not done in Shade is the Poser figure, imported via Poserfusion.
Rendered with Callisto with a bit of GI courtesy of a clear skylight.

The strange glass and chrome thingies in the front are the electricity metres, wich in Mexico by law must be clearly visible from outside (so the inspectors can have quick access to them). I added them so there would be no nasty surprises later, and because it gives a meaning to the even stranger-looking wall they rest on...

This is an early version of the project, expect lots of changes.