31 August 2006

Challenge: Haunted, in cgarena: update

I am definitely getting some interesting results with this pyramid I am doing for the challenge in cgarena. This time I added a creepy tree and a background with a full moon and stars, and tweaked the lighting some more.

29 August 2006

Challenge: Haunted, in cgarena: update

I had some spare time this afternoon, so I got myslef to work on the challenge. This is a test render I did. Still lots to do, but I like how things are turning out.

27 August 2006

Casa Marcial: Cholula: Front View

At last! The front view is finished! Took some time to render, but then again, the original image is quite big...

25 August 2006

Casa Marcial: Cholula: Update

The modelling has finished!

The most challenging part was the sloping roofs, where it intersects with the walls. I used some booleans to solve that, as well as several well placed "patches". I also wanted to experiment with non-shade content, which can be seen in the car.

I imported the palmtree from Shade, and subsequently tweaked the trunk in Silo2.0beta, where I also uvampped the trunk. The bushes are from an efrontier Shade collection. The two human scales are Poser6 figures. The car is a 3drt model from 3dworld issue 81.

21 August 2006

Casa Marcial: Cholula

Apart from the cgarts challenge, and the gymnasium for the sports facility, this is what I am currently working on. The first floor (sans complementary elements and furniture) is ready. Still lots of work to be done for the second floor, fortunately the windows are very similar, so at least that will not be so much repetitive work.

14 August 2006

Challenge: Haunted, update

At last I have had some spare time to make a bit of progress on this challenge! Still lots of work to do, but I am getting there, slowly but relentlessly getting there.

13 August 2006

Casa Sergio: Playa del Carmen: Backside2

This is of course the back side of the house, as seen from another angle. I rendered using pathtracing this time, no post work beyond adjusting the gamma etc

The bold and the virtual contest at 3dcommune.com

After finishing casa: Sergio, I just needed to get my mind distracted for serious stuff, so I entered the fashion image contest at 3dcommune.com

As part of the rules is not to post the contesting image until the competition is over, alas, I cannot post my entry here. However, if you click on the title it will take you to my contest entry.

12 August 2006

Casa Sergio: Playa del Carmen: Backside

Here is a render I recently finished on the backside of the house. There were several corrections made to the rooftops, as well as to the railings, etc, but it gives a general idea of what the concept it striving for.

09 August 2006

Casa Sergio: Playa del Carmen

Here is my most recent work, a house in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The project was made by a good friend of mine, Sergio.

It has been completely modelled and rendered in Shade. The only thing that was not made in Shade was the palm tree. That one I exported from Vue and imported into Shade. The car is one of the cars that comes as a bonus in Shade8.5 (although I had bought that collection some time before that was a bonus, I really cannot regret the purchase, the cars are really nice)

Rendered in Callisto and in normal raytrace. Why? Well, I did a test render in Raytrace and I liked the reflections in the glasses better. After I rendererd everything in Callisto, I liked the reflections better in the Raytrace version. So as not to spen some time tweaking the reflections in Callisto, I decided to do some postwork in the Gimp and replace one for the other.

04 August 2006

Challenge: Haunted, in cgarena

I decided to try my luck in this month's cgarena challenge. As the title implies, it involves creating a haunted scene, and for that, I will do an ancient mayan pyramid, with jungle and mist, to create a haunted look.

03 August 2006

Casa Fidel: Cuernavaca update: front view

This is the front view of the house. The grass in the foreground as well as the background are rendered in Vue5 infinite, and composited in the Gimp with the main render (done in Shade8.5 pro). The original files for compositing were all hdr files to get contrasts in illumination blend in nicely.

02 August 2006

House in Puebla, Mexico

This render I did for my good friend Marcial. It follows his traditional architectural styles, reconciling contemporary with traditional elements, in a very subtle manner.

Domestic hydroponic station

Ok, here is a part of a much longer animation I did for a friend of mine some months ago. I post it now because it is up till now that I have found out how to embedd videos on to my blog!

Anyway, it shows the inner workings of a domestic hydroponic station, how the food particles get circulated through the tubings, and the remainder get back to the deposit.

01 August 2006

Casa Fidel: Cuernavaca update

Here is an update on how things are going with this render. First of all, as Cuernavaca is lush with vegetation, I decided to add some trees to the background. This I did in Shade. In the foreground you can see some Poser figures which give a bit of life and scale to the render.

Rendered in Shade8.5 with Callisto render engine, one indirect lighting skylight.