25 August 2006

Casa Marcial: Cholula: Update

The modelling has finished!

The most challenging part was the sloping roofs, where it intersects with the walls. I used some booleans to solve that, as well as several well placed "patches". I also wanted to experiment with non-shade content, which can be seen in the car.

I imported the palmtree from Shade, and subsequently tweaked the trunk in Silo2.0beta, where I also uvampped the trunk. The bushes are from an efrontier Shade collection. The two human scales are Poser6 figures. The car is a 3drt model from 3dworld issue 81.

1 comment:

anonyma said...

mmm...lots of sources to get the trees and human elements...thnx for sharing the info juanmanuel.

hopefully will start working in my studio project (nothing big) just that i have no own room and "my mess" starts to invade the whole house. hope i can publish it when i get my hands on it. read ya.