24 March 2008

Zaibora weapons addon WIP

Poser-side, I'm working on some weapons and thingies for the Zaibora project. Here shown is the pseudopod arms, the comlink (on the leg), the nuclear battery pack (also on the leg). I need to get some scifi inspiration for more thingies. Or maybe watch a batman movie...

uplift universe challenge, w.i.p. on the alien

A small update on how I'm going with the alien.
Took me more time uvmapping it than texturing it!

21 March 2008

Uplift Universe challenge!

I decided to bite the bullet, and entered the challenge. There is so much talent in there, I'm sure I'll learn a lot just from peeking other entries, let alone working on my entry.
Wish me luck!

18 March 2008

Zaibora the Female experiment for Miki2, now live!

Now available in contentparadise.com
Modeled and uvmapped in Silo, textured in 3d-coat (formerly 3d-brush) and in the Gimp. This image is rendererd in Poser7, postwork in the Gimp.

11 March 2008

Zaibora the Female experiment for Miki2, w.i.p.

After some vacations, and a week grounded by the flu, I'm back to working and hobbying and stuff.