26 September 2007

Entrance to a housing complex

Modeled and rendred entirely in Shade. The main "watch tower" however I exported to Silo to uvmap so the seams could match the design. The cars and the tree are from the Shade Collection series.

Near_me is an amazon warrior! W.I.P.

So struggling between real life, doing some more charros, and my japanese outfit for Koji G2, now I add an amazon warrior set for Near_me, a cute manga doll released recently by e-frontier.

As of now, I made her a body morph in Zbrush 3.1, which I then tweaked in Silo2, and the body armour, done in Silo2 and detailed and textured in Zbrush. I found it easier than I thought to incorporate the displacement maps and normal maps into Poser, I'll have to use this more often...

13 September 2007

Charro suits for G2 Poser figures, now available!

Finally, some extra time well spent.

The shirts, pants, hats and skirt were modelled initially in Shade using curved surfaces, then tweaked and uvmapped in Silo. The buttons on the shirt were also done in Silo. The ribbon in Shade.

The shoes were completely done in Silo.

The texturing colouring was done in Zbrush. The occlusion from the bucles was baked in Lightwave.

Finally, image postwork was done in the Gimp.

You can find a link to the product page here.

12 September 2007

Doodling with Silo, Shade, Zbrush, Lightwave, the Gimp and Poser

A closeup on some clothing items I did recently. I did use a lot of programs on this one!

The shirt was originally done in Shade with curved surfaces, exported as a polygon mesh to Silo, where I inserted the buttons, tweaked the mesh, and made some understandable uv maps. Same with the pants, in Silo I made the belt and the basic bucle.

The bucle I exported to Zbrush, where I did the floral thingies. I exported the displacement stuff to Lightwave, where I baked the occlusion information, and saved as a texture.

The bump texture of the shirt I did in the Gimp.

The flower thingies in the pants I also did them on Zbrush. I also did the occlusion thing on the pants via Lightwave.

I think I could have also made a bump map for the pants, but it did add nothing to the image.

And all this I rendered in Poser7.

I could have done an occlusion pass in Poser, but baking the occlusion makes for a faster render when you need multiple views.