26 November 2006

House in Playa del Carmen, previous version

Thanks to a comment (which I thank, btw, so much nice words!) I am uploading the previous version of the house, so there can be some objective comparison between one and the other.

As you can see, it is practically identical, save for some mouldings in the roofs, and the columns, here they are really square pillars. Basically they are square pillars, as the project design had not yet reached the milestone deciding how they would look like, so I just extruded the square bases. I opted for that option, as in case I inserted some nice but expensive columns, it could radically change the intended cost per square meter. It might not look like much, but the back of the house has a whole semi-open roofed space supported by columns.

25 November 2006

House in Playa del Carmen

This is a revision on a house already done some time back, mainly on the textures of the moulding and the colour of the walls. There has been some slight changes in the roofs, as well as in the mouldings surrounding the windows.

20 November 2006

Female 3D character WIP

In my free time (meaning, in Friday), I have been working on modeling my own female character. I have really not done much work on my male character, I sort of got lost in that one, I think I will start that other one from scratch once I finish this female one.

The breasts look sort of strange, I know, but they look just like the girl in my reference pictures. I am looking into other references to make them look more predictably "right".

13 November 2006

Group of Contemporary Houses, Update

Same Point of View, background has changed, as well as the position of the sun, to get some nice volumes.

Mage raising the dead

This is the image I submitted to the Renderosity contest. This year I did not get lucky. As the final winners have been announced, at last I can share my submission. I have been told that it looks a bit dark on some machines, so if that is the case, raise the brightness of your monitor a bit...