18 January 2008

Terai Yuki is a Pirate!

My most recent character-thingy set for Poser7 and Terai Yuki2.

You can find it here

Modelled in Shade and Silo, uvmapped in Silo and unwrap3d, textured in the Gimp 2.4 and 3d-brush 2.

11 January 2008

Casino in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

This is the exterior of a proposed casino in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The facade, while sober, has some interesting dialogue with lighting. I wonder how it would look by day, though...

Modelled and rendered entirely in Shade. Male and female figures are Poser7 G2 Simon and Sydney, with the High Stakes content pack.

08 January 2008

Video explaining how to make Promo images in Poser and the Gimp

Poser can be a nice compositing package of items made somewhere else, it's menu driven library interface and dials take care of that.

However, I've read people complaining that they just cannot find a way to make nice images in Poser. Not that all my Poser images are that great, but I have been told from time to time that some are quite nice.

So I made a video detailing how I made one of the promo images of the January 2008 Passport freebie I'm sponsoring in Content Paradise. Here is the link to the freebie (all January 2008) in case you're curious.

And here is the link to the video.

If you want to save the video to your computer, the direct link is here. It is an avi encoded with the h264 codec, as the original was just too big for practical purposes. There is a link to a codec pack in the webpage, in case you find you cannot see it.

The video was captured in Camtasia Studio 3, and highlights my general Poser7 and Gimp2.4 workflow.

I hope you enjoy it!