28 September 2006

Industrial warehouse, overall view

nuff zed

Industrial warehouse, back view

The back view of the propposed enlargement of an existing warehouse, salvaging some elements already existent. A really quick mockup of one of several possibilities.

27 September 2006

House in Playa del Carmen, night view

At the last minute, the client wanted a night view. I had a very very tight deadline for this one, but thankfully, it turned out reasonably ok.

Garden house, view2

Garden house, view2.
This was rendered right after doing the other view, but I had not had the time to upload it till now.

26 September 2006

23 September 2006

House in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, WIP

And this is the back view of the house. I forgot to comment, the house was modelled in Shade8.5pro, some uvmapping in unwrap3d, and rendered in Shade8.5pro with one HDRi base skylight.

Back view

House in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, WIP

Working this weekend on this house. This is the first draft, the second draft should finish rendering tomorrow

Front view.

20 September 2006

Industrial warehouse, front view

Of course several surrounding buildings have been suppressed in order to get this view... I am specially proud of the mexican flag :D

I won a dvd on the cgarena: haunted challenge!

A consolation prize, certainly, but a prize nonetheless :D

19 September 2006

BBC Radio pending, because the coup in Thailand

The program has been delayed, because of the coup in Thailand currently under way. Lets hope there is no violence involved in the coup.

I got quoted on the BBC!

I recieved about 20 minutes ago a call from the BBC, asking if I wanted to participate in their show, 6:30pm GMT today. Of course I said yes!

As they said they were quoting me from my post, I looked around the bbc website, and yes, a comment I said got accepted! The comment is:

Added: Sunday, 17 September, 2006, 13:12 GMT 14:12 UK

Lopez Obrador is once again forgetting things. His campaign slogan was "for the good of all". How is promoting instability, undermining the authority of the government institutions, insulting his adversaries and even his supporters, doing good for anybody?
For the good of all, mr Lopez Obrador, shut up! Please!

Juan Manuel Bautista Hoepfner, Puebla, Mexico

18 September 2006

Warehouse WIP

This week will be intense. I have to finish three projects, and this is just one of them! A simple warehouse, still lots to do, props to insert.

17 September 2006

Challenge: Haunted, in cgarena

Didn't make it to the final voting stage, snif. But now that all the dust has settled, here is my image submission, in all it's glory.

15 September 2006

Challenge: Haunted, in cgarena: Final submission!

At last, I have posted my final image in the challenge forum! In accordance to the rules, I just post the link to the forum thread, and once the voting is over, I will upload it here. It has been a very learning experience, the challenge, and I am eager to participate in the next one!

14 September 2006

Domestic Hydroponic station, long version animation

Here is the long version of the animation. Mind you, it is timed to coincide with how the presentation speech was calculated, etc.
3D done in Shade8.5pro, Poser6, and Vue5infinite. 2D done in the Gimp, and the animation itself done in Virtualdub.

sports facility complex for petrol union animations

This is part of the walkthrough presentation for the sports facility I posted some time ago. Rescaled to a smaller size for internet reasons.

13 September 2006

Challenge: Haunted, in cgarena: update

Not having too much spare time is taking it's toll on my work on the challenge. Grrr. Anyway, here is where the image stands right now.

House2 in Puebla: Update

This is the front view, now the garage has been covered, with it's roof functioning as a terrace which can be accessed by the bedroom.

10 September 2006

House2 in Puebla, another night view

This is the back side of the house, I quite like the result, but maybe I should have left it rendering a wee bit more time. Maybe I will...

09 September 2006

House2 in Puebla, another view

As promised, here is another view of the same house, some correction on the floor, and now with the palm tree and the car inserted

House2 in Puebla, night view

The same house but with a night view. Rendering another view right now, as soon as it is ready, I will post it.

House2 in Puebla

This is the project for another house in Puebla, Mexico, where the main topic is a dialogue of the contemporary with very subtle hints of the colonial heritage of the city. I suppressed some elements as a palm tree and a car to avoid obstruction of the view of the house itself.

04 September 2006

House in Puebla, Mexico: Update

The client made some corrections to the design, so I did those changes and re-rendered. However, this time I also made a night shot.

House in Puebla, Mexico: Update

The client made some corrections to the design, so I did those changes and re-rendered. However, this time I also made a night shot.