09 August 2006

Casa Sergio: Playa del Carmen

Here is my most recent work, a house in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The project was made by a good friend of mine, Sergio.

It has been completely modelled and rendered in Shade. The only thing that was not made in Shade was the palm tree. That one I exported from Vue and imported into Shade. The car is one of the cars that comes as a bonus in Shade8.5 (although I had bought that collection some time before that was a bonus, I really cannot regret the purchase, the cars are really nice)

Rendered in Callisto and in normal raytrace. Why? Well, I did a test render in Raytrace and I liked the reflections in the glasses better. After I rendererd everything in Callisto, I liked the reflections better in the Raytrace version. So as not to spen some time tweaking the reflections in Callisto, I decided to do some postwork in the Gimp and replace one for the other.

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Oscillator said...

Very nice! :-)