31 December 2007

I'm sponsoring the Content Paradise Passport freebie!

That's right. All January, in contentparadise.com, all Passport members will be able to download my Amazon Queen for G2Sydney for free! Finally, I can spill the beans :D
My main tools for creating the set were:
Shade and Silo2.
Silo2 and unwrap3d
3d-brush and the Gimp
Poser7 and Shade. I just did a render in Shade, just to see if there were no surprises on conversion. So all the renders and thumbnails you see with the product, are in fact done in Poser.
cr2, pp2, mc6, mt5 files tweaking:
Open Office 2.3, jane 1.54, SandR 1.5, MorphManager 4.0

You can find the link here


Anonymous said...

you once posted a Toga clothing model on Renderosity - I was wondering if you still had it available somewhere?
If so, could you you email me at randy.d.phillips@att.net and let me know where I might be able to download it?

Juan Manuel said...

Hi Randy,
I'm not sure I do. I've switched 3 times my computer since then.
But I'll check.