13 August 2007

Weekend trip to Tehuacan

Tehuacán, or Tehuacán de las granadas (Tehuacan of the pomegranates), lies some two hours south of Puebla city, and is famous as a centre of denim manufacture, chicken egg production, and of course, its fabled mineral water.
Until quite recently is looked more like a sleepy town, this being specially true due to the fact that is is almost year round a very hot and dry climate. Who wants to work with that heat?
So anyway, a friend of mine that works in the tomato greenhouse industry near Tehuacan invited me and a cousing of her to visit, and so we did. Arriving early, I took the chance to buy myself a beautiful Sahuayo hat, and walk around downtown, with its enchanting central square (or Zócalo), admire it's colonial architecture, and so on.
While part of the state of Puebla, it retains it's own charm and personality.
Later we met my friend, had some nice chit chat, and went over to her place to get ready for a night of partying.
Curiously enough, the disco, located to the left of the city hall, once was a house of the famous ex-dictator Porfirio Diaz. Music was a bit for teenagers, though nothing extreme, no mosh pits or slam contests. Everybody was quite nice. Very hospitable people.
Of course the next day we basically slept the whole day, we danced THAT much. And there is no nightspot curfew, so we danced till quite late.

On the way back, I allowed myself a bit of night chill in order to watch the stars in the heavens above. The sky being so unpolluted and clear, with hardly a cloud in sight, it was just the perfect opportunity for stargazing.

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